Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long time, no post!

It is in the low-90's outside, in the beginning of June, and I do not have A/C in my apartment. So, why am I knitting? I'll name just a few reasons...
1) I am done with school and can't get a job yet because I am moving in a week... so I am in a strange in-between stage where all I really NEED to do is plan for the wedding.
2) I am trying to prepare items for my etsy shop, which is going to have a second re-opening and new branding come cold weather season (that's the plan at least).
3)I took an A.C. Moore trip this morning for crafty wedding stuff... and left with three skeins of bulky yarn to test out.

SO, after making my back sore by sitting on the ground trying to put together silk corsages, I decided it was time to knit. Despite the gross sweaty stickiness of my hands.

The first yarn I am trying that I bought today is Bernat Roving. (side note: I am trying out affordable bulky yarns for the Etsy shop- not trying to break the bank, here. If I make any money I can upgrade to the luxurious all-natural yarns that I hate to love.) There aren't a ton of color options, but I did like what was offered at A.C. Moore.
PROS: I love the way the yarn looks and how it knits up. For being mostly acrylic, it's definitely on the soft side.
CONS: Because of the nature of the yarn, it is a pain in the butt to pull out any stitches if you make a mistake. It's also slightly itchy.

I decided to make a bulky, slouchy hat with it. DROPS pattern 116-15 is cute and trendy, but calls for a super bulky yarn. I went ahead and did it anyway... whatever.

I am pleased with the way it turned out! I think it will go in the "sell" pile ;) And the best part- it only used about half of the skein so I can try out another hat with this same yarn!

I'm hoping to get back into blogging and posting pictures of my completed projects with the help of my Droid X. My new phone makes it much easier to upload photos from my phone to Flickr, which I can then use to stick on here. I'm sure I can upload posts from it, also, but I would probably rather stick a knitting needle through my eye than type all of this on that tiny touch-screen keyboard with its frequently incorrect auto-correction of my words.

But for now, it is bed time! Tomorrow I have an appointment at a salon to do a run-through of my wedding hairdo. I hope it goes well! Adieu, blogland~

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