Wednesday, November 4, 2009


After all the knitting techniques I've learned in the past few years, scarves are STILL my favorite thing to knit. I finished up three recently.

"close to me" by the arthritic knitter
I knit this on size 13 needles and c/o 160sts. It came out wayyy longer than I wanted, but I really like it. I made it in just two hours, too. Everyone loves a quick knit!

"ogee lace scarf" by Susanna IC
This is SUCH a beautiful pattern. I couldn't get a good detail picture :( The scarf is super warm and thick.

"mustard scarf" by jane richmond
I've made this pattern before, but decided to turn it into a scarf this time instead of a neckwarmer. Also a very quick knit.

all patterns available on ravelry.