Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guilty pleasures...

...we all have them. I know at least one particular movie/tv show/song popped into the mind of anyone who read the phrase. I have several. When I first starting thinking about why I feel "guilty" about enjoying these things, I decided that I don't actually feel guilty, I just feel embarrassed and want to avoid being judged or thought to be tasteless. I know that many of the intelligent people that I like to spend time with probably find the Real Housewives series to be brainless and stupid, so if I ever want to bring this up in conversation, I feel that I have to tag a "guilty pleasure" disclaimer onto it. "Despite the subject matter of this show, I'm not really brainless and stupid, because I recognize that this actually is trash". My guilt is not that I am actually morally opposed or offended by these shows, it's that I worry that other people are and don't want them to judge me for it.
But who the heck cares? I need to get over that. Pop music is catchy. Real Housewives are funny. And what started me on this little rant is that I began watching Drop Dead Diva today while knitting. It's a silly show. And darnit, I am a fan! I can follow the simple plot and think about my knitting at the same time, which is a tall order for a severely one-track-minded person like myself. Besides, I have too see if Jane ever tells Grayson about her former life...

Anywho, onto the knitting. That's what this blog is about, right? Well, last night I tried to make another hat with the remaining Bernat Roving yarn, but it turned out there wasn't enough. So instead, I whipped up these hand warmers:

They took me about an hour to knit, total. I just made up the pattern on the fly. Thank you, size 13 needles and bulky yarn. I am quickly becoming a fan of your warp-speed projects.

I got a lot more done on this "PIW" cowl that I talked about yesterday:

I'm glad I picked it back up, because it's going to be very comfortable I think. I also love the simple pattern. It may even be worth writing up and posting on ravelry... *gasp*

Guess what else I did today?

The one on the left is my bridal bouquet, and there are four of the smaller bridesmaid ones. I am so proud of these. They look awesome. I am SO glad I decided to go with silk flowers instead of real ones- this was a really fun project and much more affordable than hiring a florist.

Overall, it was a productive day craft-wise, and not so productive otherwise. Story of my life....

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  1. gorgeous flowers! Those look great! They look very lifelike in this photo too. Did you end up spending a ton?

    And I like your hand warmers too, though in this 100+ weather we've been having, they make me sweat through the interwebs. hehe