Wednesday, September 23, 2009

baby items

As of today I am 3 days past my due date (blah!!)

It's been a long time since I posted so I thought I would show all the baby items I made for little Anna this Summer. They have already been wrapped and given to the adoptive parents... hopefully they will bring some to the hospital for her to wear :)

All patterns available on ravelry!
Lily Hat and Page 81 Baby Booties
I LOVE this hat and booties, I made the little rosebuds to match.
Spring Fling Hat and Rowan Baby Socks (altered to match hat)
Still no pro at colorwork, but it looks decent. Messed up on the heels on the baby socks. Oh well.
Improvised hat pattern and Two Needle Cable Knit Baby Booties
I was way proud of myself for making up this hat pattern to go with the booties. But I ran out of blue yarn and I'm afraid it will be too short. I guess we'll see! I also ended up adding little purple bows to the booties, but didn't take a picture after that.

I also made a baby blanket (using the 'knit garter stripe baby blanket' pattern by maggie pierce, which is not all garter stripes but has some nice lacework in it, contrary to the title!) but haven't gotten around to taking pictures. All of the preceding baby items were made from leftover yarn from the blanket. I am bringing it to the hospital for when Anna is born so I'm sure I'll get some shots of it while being used :)