Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Days go by...

I have attempted blogging several times before. I always tell myself, "this will be the time that I really stay on top of my entries!" Alas, I have failed again!! I guess I just don't have that much to say. hmm.

So. What have I been up to the past month? Applying for jobs, getting settled into my new place, and KNITTING. I have been working very hard on my Etsy shop, If It's Knits (go buy something!!), and sitting around on my bum. Yep, that's about it.

I've been all about fair isle lately. It's so gorgeous, and presents somewhat of a challenge, but not too much of one! I am working on mitt #2 of this fingerless mitt pattern I designed:

I LOVE IT.... I'm using two shades of Berocco Comfort DK and one of a beautiful yarn I bought from lanitium ex machina. The yarn also came with a little 1oz roving and a discount off of my next purchase. Lovely! Now I have to get a drop spindle... although I'm afraid to for fear of unleashing a new addiction...

The second thing I have on my needles is this houndstooth scarf. I started it about a year ago and completely forgot about it. It was recently unearthed.
KnitPicks Stroll Sport. I may end up adding fabric backing when I'm done, because it is super curly and blocking straight stockinette has just never worked out for me.

So.... that's that. I have round three of a job interview tonight for a job that I REALLY want. Wish me luck!! :) Wish me luck on updating my blog more often, too. lol.

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