Monday, July 27, 2009

Finished Objects

Being me, I like to make scarfs when it is 90 degrees outside. Anyway here are a few things I finished over the weekend...Pattern is 'sinful rib scarf' by Classic Elite Yarns (available on Ravelry). I am trying to get rid of all the icky red heart yarn in my stash so I held together red heart and Lang Lido ribbon. Still need to add the two buttons.... eep.
Baktus scarf... I love the colors and it is very soft! I didn't realize it was on backwards until after I took the pictures. ha. Oh well, it still looks good if I do say so myself :-D
Pattern is Mustard Scarf by Jane Richmond, available via ravelry. Another red-heart stash buster... held together brown and the deep pink color. Still needs button, of course!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Diagonal Rib Socks

Started on sock numero dos of my first pair of socks today! Pattern is Diagonal Rib Socks on Knitting Daily. Pretty pattern, I love the teeny diagonal ribs.
I bought the handpainted yarn from forestgreener's ebay shop. It is beautiful yarn, a bit bright and tacky, but it makes me happy so I love it! :) It's really interesting how it pools on the socks, it is actually creating a twist around the tube (except where the heel is worked).

new blog

Welcome to [kuh-nit], my knitting blog! I haven't kept a "blog" since I had a livejournal years and years ago, so we will see how this goes. Here's the current scenario:

I am presently 'preggo in my eggo' so they say... baby is due Sept. 20th. Boyfriend and I are getting closer and closer to finding the right adoptive parents for an open adoption.
I just graduated with my bachelors in music education, and will be starting my masters in viola performance... right around the time the baby is born (such wonderful timing)!
So, things will be getting crazy pretty soon, but at the present I am on Summer break, have a job at a pizza place that doesn't give me crap for hours, and therefore I have free time basically all the time. And how do I spend that time? KNITTING, of course (and watching too much Law & Order).

Anywho, this is the welcome post so I will refrain from going on and on about my knitting project(s) status(es?) until my next post :-D